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Warranty Service Work

Warranty, yes we do warranty.

Yakima Generator enjoys the challenge of a new product problem.  How gratifying it is, to be able to identify, correct, test run, and return the product like new to the customer.

Authorized dealerships have a different repair authority than non-authorized repair shops.   Years of a particular brand experience, specialized factory service tools, and extensive training hours help in being factory authorized.

Yakima Generator has trained mechanics with many years of combined electrical and mechanical experience.   Annual continuing education is required by the factory and our own service company.

When you need warranty service performed, be prepared to bring proof of purchase, current address, model and serial-number of both the engine and equipment.

Onan Warranty Work, RV Generators

Our staff can find the equipment or engine information for
you if the equipment comes to the shop, or if we sold the product and
have the information on record.

Briggs and Stratton Warranty Service

Yakima Generator is authorized to perform warranty service to many generator and engine manufacturers.

If you’re interested in getting warranty service for your engine, generator or other piece of equipment, let Yakima Generator, your authorized dealer, help.

Warranty period varies with type of repair, coverage plan, length of time and other factors.  Warranty can vary in length of time, from 30 days to several years.  It may cover parts, labor or both.  In some cases, warranty will cover travel on stand-by situations or a shorter period of time in “off grid” applications.   Generators come in different use designations that will change warranty details.

The bottom line is warranty can be complicated; you would want to deal with an authorized dealership to receive the service the factory would be proud of.


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