Onan CCK Intake Manifold 154-0601

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Cummins Onan CCK Intake Manifold 154-0601

Superseded to 154-0356

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  1. Gregor (verified owner)

    They did not want to ship to Canada, but I got my freight-forwarder US Address to handle it instead. Please get your game on Yakima. Otherwise helpful on technical side to dig out info on what is still available and not (see below). The price of the used intake/exhaust manifold I bought for the CCKB engine here was very reasonable, about 1/4 what others were asking simply because it has the name ONAN cast on it… and nearly everyone else sees this as an opportunity for ripping off their customers, pricing used parts like new ones…
    However, I passed on the 3 OEM generator armature/slip-ring condensers (~$50/each), instead went to a local electronics distributor and bought equivalent .1 uf and .5 uf 600 Volt rated mylar-film capacitors at ~ $1.50/ each. Ordered aftermarket gaskets/seals/points kit for the engine (also discontinued). I managed to source a polyimide film heater strip for the discontinued electric choke bi-metalic spring via Omega engineering, expensive. Part KHLVA-0504/10-P, a little wider than stock, otherwise OK and with the correct 40 ohm resistance. No thanks to ONAN here for supporting their products… This investment should make my re-built ~45 year-old generator live to age 100. Hope this info helps others: Onan 6.0 CCKB-3R6000D. 1800 RPM, 6 KW RV generator. Re-purposing now it to back up the house against consistent Hydro-One grid failures here in the GTA, (Toronto) Ontario, Canada.

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