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Briggs 594061 Fuel Cap


Fuel Cap

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Briggs fuel cap 594061, Original Briggs and Stratton Product, 

Fits: 675exi and 725exi Engines, Fits Various Briggs & Stratton Engine Models Including: 103M02-0001-F1, 103M02-0002-F1, 103M02-0003-F1, 103M02-0004-F1, 103M02-0005-F1, 103M02-0006-F1, 103M02-0007-F1, 103M02-0008-F1, 103M02-0009-H1, 103M02-0010-H1, 103M02-0011-H1, 103M02-0012-H1, 103M02-0014-H1, 103M02-0015-H1, 103M02-0017-H1, 103M02-0019-H1, 103M02-0020-H1, 103M02-0021-H1, 103M02-0022-H1, 103M02-0023-F1, 103M02-0028-F1, 103M02-0029-H1, 103M02-0030-H1, 103M02-0031-H1, 103M02-0032-H1,103M02-0033-F1,103M02-0036-F1,103M02-0037- H1
103M02-0039-H1, 103M02-0041-H1 


Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 3.125 × 3.125 × 1.5 in


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