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Assorted box of Wisconsin and Fairbanks Morse. Box comes as is.


Box contains:

Gasket QD718 x1
Gasket QD797 x4
Gasket QD757C x1
Rod DA-70-A x1
Rod DA-55-B x2
Rod DA-49-B x1
Rod DA-66-B x1
Gasket EY2271500111 x1
Governor Lever and Shaft 227-42301 x3
Carburetor Kit LQ40 x1
Shell Bearing HA137s10 x1
Rod DA83AS10 x1
Magneto Kit YQ9 x1
Fairbanks Morse Coil RS2477C x1
Bracket PG1201 x2
Shell Bearing HA134S10 x1
Shell Bearing HA134S20 x2
BRG Assembly HA135S10 x3
Complete Piston Ring Set DR15DS20 x2
Coil G0FXH2403 x1
Cap Nut EY2273652403 x1

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in
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